On this page you will find useful links to fact sheets, articles, manuals and other information that relates to spray application, drift management, application equipment, specific weeds and a variety of other topics. Use the titles below to navigate to each section.

Weather Conditions & Surface Temperature Inversions | Nozzles | Spray Application & Machinery | Deposition – Stubble Wheel Tracks & Canopy | Pre-emergent Herbicides | Weeds | Herbicide Resistance | Tillage | Mixing & Loading Agricultural Chemicals | Residues | Crops


Weather Conditions & Surface Temperature Inversions

Video – Early morning inversion practical demonstration

Video – Daytime conditions after the inversion breaks

Summer Weed Control Best Practice Guide by Mary O’Brien – read online | 3-fold printable brochure

Weather Essentials for Pesticide Application by Graeme Tepper

Surface temperature inversions and spraying – GRDC Fact Sheet

Weather monitoring equipment for agricultural spraying operations – GRDC Fact Sheet

Spray Application Manual edited by Bill Gordon  (Module 10 covers Weather Monitoring for Spray Applications)

Labels & Permits

**NEW 2,4-D Permit 87174

**NEW Permit 87570 – Optical Spot Spray Technology (eg WEEDit)

Understanding Labels – Video



Nozzle Selection Guide 2019

PWM Nozzle Selection Guide 2019

Back Pocket Guide – Nozzle Selection


Spray Application & Machinery

Spray Application Manual edited by Bill Gordon

Practical tips to reduce spray drift – GRDC Fact Sheet

Pre-season sprayer checks and calibration tips – GRDC Fact Sheet

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Deposition – Stubble, wheel tracks & canopy

Improving weed control in wheel tracks during summer fallow spraying – GRDC Fact Sheet

Application considerations for in-crop herbicide use – GRDC Fact Sheet

Foliar applications of fungicides and insecticides – GRDC Fact Sheet


Pre-Emergent Herbicides

Understanding pre-emergent herbicides and how they interact with the environment – GRDC Fact Sheet

Using Group A herbicides for control of grass weeds in fallow – GRDC Fact Sheet



Flaxleaf Fleabane – GRDC Fact Sheet

Feathertop Rhodes Grass – GRDC Fact Sheet

Wild radish management and strategies to address herbicide resistance – GRDC Fact Sheet

Managing weeds in fencelines – GRDC Update Paper


Herbicide Resistance

Integrated Weed Management Manual

Cropping with Herbicide Resistance – GRDC Fact Sheets for Northern, Southern & Western Regions

Take the test for herbicide resistance – GRDC Fact Sheet

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Is there room for strategic tillage in a no-till system? – GRDC Fact Sheet

Controlled traffic farming – GRDC Fact Sheet


Mixing & Loading Agricultural Chemicals

Water quality for spraying operations – GRDC Fact Sheet

Spray Mixing Requirements for Spray Operations – GRDC Fact Sheet



Managing maximum residue limits in export grain – GRDC Fact Sheet

Stewardship for pre-harvest application of herbicides in winter crops – GRDC Fact Sheet



Chickpea – Managing Fungal Diseases of Chickpeas – GRDC Fact Sheet for Northern & Southern Regions

Cereal fungicides – GRDC Fact Sheets – All regions

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